Who we are

Kalanet is an Internent service Provider (ISP) in Kenya .

We have looked around the country and over 95% of homes do not have internet connection. All the data consumption is from Cellular networks which is expensive and not very good for services like streaming.

Even though there is cable installation in most cities at the moment, there are no plans to connect the home as it is expensive digging and planners in most cities did not have plans for fiber in their plans. In order to do fiber to every office, there will be need for re planning and even demolitions. This would be very expensive. Using latest technologies, we can connect the home wirelessly from one central point where the cable/fiber ends. Kenya is needs serious last mile connections.

We started Kalanet to bring the best internet service to people at the best price point.


Fast Speed

Stay connected at home with speeds of up to 100mbps


Affordable rates

Our rates are pocket friendly for each of the plan category.


Reliable conection

We strive to maintain 99% uptime for our customers.


Customer Support

Our customers come first. We strive for the best customer service. We listen and improve our service from our customer feedback.


2016 Aug

Up to

100 Mbps

As low as

2500 Ksh