Our services Include:

  • Broadband connection to homes and businesses
  • Provide fee based WiFi access to the public at some designated spots around the country.
  • Provide home security with 24hrs vidoe monitoring system.
  • Home Automation (utilize WiFi from the broadband to help with simple home automation tasks, like irrigation control, lighting, music, )
  • Provide Video on demand service (Work with content providers to provide Video on demand to clients)
  • Provide Vehecle tracking services to both PSVs and private car owners.
  • Provide Fuel monitoring service to fleet owners or PSV matatu owners.
  • Provide low cost VOIP service to businesses and homes.
  • Unlimited calling (coming soon )

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We are also providing phone services for your home or office using VOIP technology.Phone service



We don’t compromise with our quality services


100%  Gauranteed Satisfaction

We promise to give you value for your miney. Our network is secure and reliable.

Mwangi Njoroge
Mwangi Njoroge
I can recommend Kalanet without any reservations whatsoever.
I can recommend Kalanet without any reservations whatsoever.